Keeping Jason’s Memory Alive

3 thoughts on “Keeping Jason’s Memory Alive

  1. I am just at a loss for words. I am so sorry that you have gone through so much, and the police are being such jerks. I too have had dealing with bad cops, so I started a site on FB called Mothers Seeking Justice for Murder Victims.. I posted your sons case on it because it truly was a case of sloppy police work. Please come over and visit the site and join if you want. Cheryl

  2. I’m lost for words !!! How can any human being do that to another ?? &&&& walk away ??? I know personnally what can go down in small towns . But this is definatly a case that needs to be solved !!!! Out of respect for Jason & in family !!! Lord god above please bless this family & friends !!

  3. I looked at the coroner’s report. It brings up many questions. How could Jason have injury in the area marked #1 but no damage documented to either legs…really??? The story is too detailed with inconsistent explanation of how the injuries could happen as they said. I don’t believe it..something went down that night…and Jason did not get to tell what that was..the other’s know, for sure..

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