Jason’s Life- From Birth Until His Death

Jason Bolton’s Life
Born – April 15, 1975- Death-August 21,1991

5 thoughts on “Jason’s Life- From Birth Until His Death

  1. So sorry for your loss… My heart is hurting for this young man and for your family… I couldn’t stop crying the whole time I was reading this. How can someone be so calice to commit such a horrific act of torture on someone??? And for the others to watch and not do anything or come forward with information. In my eyes they are just as guilty as the ones who actually committed the crime. I raised 3 sons and I can only imagine the pain you and your family have gone through all these years. I do pray one day the guilt burns so deep within them that they cant bear it any longer and they come forward to get this resolved and Justice for Jason…. I hope they endure the same pain they inflicted upon him.. So so sorry… R.I.P Jason Bolton…. God Bless

  2. He was such a handsome young man such a tragic loss for the family. Stay strong Tomi eventually justice will be found. Those who did this deserve everything karma serves to them and more. I hope their guilt has taken their lives away from them as much as they took Jason’s life from him.

  3. This needs to be solved this makes me angry why would another human being do this to another then how many other crimes have these monsters committed since murdering this Jason kid ? My God why he was just a kid a young teenager I’m mad I’m damn mad Its monsters like this that give our great state of Indiana a bad name I live In Elwood I’d love for these monsters to come over and try this crap on me cause I’d take care of what needed to be taken care of 21yrs ago my heart goes out to this family and loved ones of Jason’s I’m so so sorry that this happen to your Jason. R.I.P. Jason Bolton……..

  4. wow! very heart wrenching for sure. i am so sorry for your loss.i lost a son 17 years old. i know the pain. i pray you get justice for this handsome young man. he so deserves it.i was doing some reserch on a jimmy dale bloton is how i found this site he was my half brother. we lost contact. i want to say you did an awesome job!!!!! on this memorial of your dear loved one. what a great way to keep him alive and shareing this is awesome. God bless. i pray you find peace and some one comes out twith the truth. i believe like u theirs more to it. God Bless brenda miller( bolton)

  5. I have just read this information about you Jason… It breaks my heart your horrid crime has gone unsolved for 21 years! As a mother, I have two children, one of whom is a teenage son, my heart mourns for you, your family and everyone who knew you and loved you. You look like such a beautiful soul. I certainly hope, after reading your story, with the exposure it is getting on the group from facebook which has shared it, with its extra circulation, it will help add pressure to get your cold case reopened and those people who witnessed your brutal murder will fess up and come forward, to offer some sort of closure to your family.

    You deserve justice and for those who committed those horrible acts against you, may their justice be served for their crimes of the suffering placed upon you! To those who watched you suffer and did nothing to help you, may they always live with the horrible guilt of their cowardly acts, I hope they too will have to pay greatly for this grave act of misjustice by not stepping forward. I realize it will never bring you back dear one, but perhaps it will give each of your family a bit of solace, so they will know you can forever rest in peace.

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