Death in Indiana: The Jason Bolton Homicide

Updated 12:42 a.m., February 3, 2015

(VNO)- Jason Bolton would be celebrating his 40th birthday this year. Instead, he never celebrated his 17th. He never got to graduate high school, get married, or have kids.


How do two boys end up passed out at the same time, only feet apart in the roadway? Jason was struck and killed. The other fled the scene and claimed to have never been there (resulting in obstruction of justice charges).

The Coroner ruled this an accidental homicide. The family has received anonymous letters over the years stating that this was a cruel murder involving several perpetrators. There is no statue of limitations for murder; police have this open as an active investigation. Jason’s story has gained national attention.

Jason Dale Bolton was born in Connersville, Indiana on April 15, 1975 to Margie Boyer. He died August 21, 1991 in Fayette County, Indiana. What really happened the night of August 21, 1991 resulting in the mutilation and death of 16 year old Jason Bolton? This is a question that has haunted his sister Tomi Bolton Schmid for over 20 years.

We spoke at length with his sister.

“We grew up poor, and in a bad part of town. But Jason was a good kid. He was helping an elderly lady stack firewood and haul water the day before he died, he worked hard at a local stone quarry to help us and he was only 16. Jason would help anyone, he wouldn’t stand by and let someone hurt another without getting involved. One rumor is, it got him killed, that he tried to stop some guys from raping a girl at a party. ”Tomi Bolton Schmid

So what was Jason doing lying in the road unconscious at 3:00 am on August 21, 1991?

Victims News Online’s team has reviewed the witness statement, photos taken by the coroner (too graphic for the public eye) and interviewed Jason’s family. We attempted to contact Timothy “Tiny” Pursifull Jr. who was the other individual reportedly “passed out” in the roadway, yet allgedly fled the scene upon Jason being struck.

Witness stories vary greatly. Coroner Joseph E. Todd ruled it an accident, yet the investigation into the events of that night by the local police remains in an open status (though deemed a “cold case”).

Jason’s sister is convinced that she not only knows what happened that night, but who may be responsible. And that she will not rest until her brother receives the justice she feels he deserves.

“My mom fought to uncover the truth, so did my grandma and my uncle. They are all gone now. My uncle burned up in a vehicle fire one night. It was ruled an accidental fire, but my uncle had found out stuff. I believe if they would exhume Jason’s body that evidence went to the grave with him. The boots he had on are in a bag in there, there’s even talk around town that a weapon was slipped into his coffin. I think that with the technology available today, Jason’s body will tell them what happened and who tortured and mutilated him before placing him in the road and running over him. His pictures keep telling me, ‘“They murdered me’”. Jason is speaking to us in those photos of his death. He’s trying to tell us. But no one will listen!”Tomi Bolton Schmid

The Coroner’s Tale

The Coroner’s report told this story.

Jason and his friend Timothy “Tiny” Pursifull Jr. had been visiting friends and drinking beer. They decided to walk to Jason’s father’s house and upon doing so became sleepy and stopped to rest. The boys either fell asleep or passed out on the County Road and were in the roadway when a vehicle driven by Duane A. Grim came upon them about 3:00am. According to the deposition given to [investiating officer] Trooper Fields by Mr. Grim, he thought he saw a person in the road and drove left to avoid hitting him, not seeing Jason on the other side of the road. The front left tire struck Jason in the groin area causing severe loss of tissue in the groin area the body was pushed down the road for a short distance and then the vehicle passed over it, crushing the rib cage on the left side and fracturing the skull in two places.


The theory that he and Pursifull were walking to the father’s house is quite suspect. Jason was estranged from his father. He had never even met his father.

There are other inconsistencies.

“What that report says, and the pictures show doesn’t make sense. His whole groin area was just mutilated. There was even a little testicle on the side of the road. Rumors around town, and even some anonymous letters I have received, say that they did that to him before they put him in the road. That they cut all of that off, and they thought he was dead but he wasn’t. He had passed out from loss of blood and pain. When they put him there and ran over him it was to cover up what they had done. That’s what people say. And I think people are telling the truth.

Back then a Coroner was elected – they didn’t have to have any medical training for it. There wasn’t even an autopsy. Jason needs to be exhumed. We need to know the truth, whatever it is, once and for all. He deserves that. I deserve that.

My life stopped the night I identified baby Jason. I went there that morning, to where it happened. They didn’t even clean it up. There were latex gloves and I even picked up a couple teeth I would have done more then, but I didn’t know. I only saw his face. No one told me about his groin area! I didn’t even know until I finally got my hands on those pictures. At first the Coroner told me no. But he called me the next morning and said he had thought about it all night, and if I would meet him in 20 minutes he would give them to me so I did. That’s when I realized the rumors were true, his whole groin area was just….gone…mutilated. I saw a picture of a little white thing on the side of the road by the grass I didn’t even know what it was. Coroner Joe Todd told me it was a testicle. And it was! It was a little severed testicle.”Tomi Bolton Schmidt

Victims News Online asked Tomi Bolton Schmidt what she felt was the next plan in getting to the truth of the events that led up to her baby brother Jason’s life being so tragically cut short. She affectionately still refers to him as “baby Jason”.

She said besides one of the people she feels are responsible for a lot more than they acknowledging coming forward and telling her what really happened, she wants her brother’s coffin exhumed. She wants to know the real story.

“Please allow your heart and understanding to open up an honest investigation into Jason’s death. This is all we ask.”- Tomi Bolton Schmid

The one she feels Jason is trying so desperately to tell us from beyond the grave.

If you have any information regarding this case please contact:
Detective Scott Jarvis
9022 South State Rd. 67
Pendleton, IN 46064

The Facebook group “Join Us on the Journey 4 Justice 4 Jason Dale Bolton” may be found here.

FBI raid leads to child exploitation charges for Franklin County Sheriff’s reserve deputy

Well imagine that.. Not surprised at all. They spend too much time exploiting children when they need to be working on Unsolved homicides and missing persons cases.
Families need to write the US Attorney and the FBI and remind them that there are cold cases that need solved, suspects questioned and arrested and thrown under the jail. Indiana corruption needs to stop!!!

Former Richmond, Laurel, Union Co. officer now working in Franklin Co. arrested


A criminal complaint unsealed in federal court Monday provides a look into the alleged activity that led FBI agents to raid the Union County home of a local law enforcement official last week.

Indiana State Police, 31, of Liberty, Ind., was charged with child exploitation after a raid of his home at 5242 Greenwood Church Road by FBI agents Friday. Authorities located a laptop computer, a USB flash drive and a video camera, which allegedly contained images of Walton and a female victim.

Walton is charged with two counts of producing child pornography, two counts of distributing child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography and sexually explicit materials involving minors.

Walton is a former Richmond Police Department and Laurel Police Department officer who has been a reserve deputy with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department since 2004. Walton is a jail officer in Franklin County and previously was employed as a reserve deputy and jail officer in Union County as well, said U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett.

“We are taking the investigation of public corruption and public integrity very seriously,” Hogsett said. “This is not only a terrible set of incidents, but this is a case involving someone entrusted with enforcing the law — someone who we as a society depend on to protect us.”

The alleged victim, who is younger than 16, has been identified by authorities. She confirmed to them she is the victim in the videos, which she said were made between 2010 and 2012. Additionally, 17 still images of the female were located at Walton’s home.

According to the criminal complaint, email accounts that authorities claim belong to Walton were found to have exchanged child pornography videos and photographs with other users, including known child exploitation offenders, beginning in 2011. One of the email accounts allegedly was accessed from the Franklin County Security Center on repeated occasions, Hogsett said. Walton also allegedly accessed the account from the Union County Jail, he said.

Additional charges also might be filed in the case, Hogsett said. Names of other members of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department allegedly were used in some of those communications, he said.

“Everything in child exploitation is unacceptable,” Hogsett said. “But when it goes from receiving, possessing and distributing to where the person becomes a producer of child pornography materials, that generally means Hoosier children have been victimized, and we have identified at least one victim in this case and it could result in more.”

Hogsett said Walton faces decades in prison if convicted of child exploitation and also could be sentenced to years of supervised release and forced to register for life as a sexual offender.

“Federal law is extraordinarily severe on these cases,” Hogsett said. “A producer of child pornography two years ago, where the victims were five kids under age 5, received 315 years in federal prison. Federal prisoners serve 80 percent of their sentences.”

Walton had worked at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department since 2004, Franklin County Sheriff Ken Murphy said. The sheriff’s department was contacted on Aug. 13 by the Indiana State Police cyber crimes unit and was asked to provide assistance in the investigation concerning Walton, Murphy said.

Arresting an officer, who might be armed and able to use a weapon, can be difficult, Murphy said, so he hoped authorities could arrest Walton in a secure area of the jail, where he would be unarmed, but Walton left town on a trip to Chicago to visit a friend.

Walton’s Franklin County cruiser was missing Friday but was found later in Liberty at about 5 p.m., Murphy said. Authorities are analyzing that computer as well, he said. Walton started calling Murphy late Friday afternoon, Murphy said.

“The FBI asked me to make contact with him, and I told him to turn himself in and he did,” Murphy said. “We were asked to assist, and we provided what was needed. We hold ourselves and our employees to a higher standard, and we won’t tolerate this behavior. No one’s above the law.”

The assistance by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department since the onset of the investigation largely is responsible for the speed at which the case was handled, Hogsett said.

Walton had an initial appearance at noon Monday in federal court in Indianapolis and was detained. A detention hearing to determine whether he will remain in custody is scheduled for Friday.

At the initial appearance, the government filed documents alleging Walton might have been involved in a white supremacist organization. Agents allegedly found materials and evidence of such activity at the Walton residence last week. That investigation is ongoing.

Walton is being lodged in the Marion County Jail, Hogsett said.

Jason Bolton- 9 of Spades- 3rd edition of Indiana ‘cold case’ playing cards released

Jason Bolton-Indiana Unsolved case card

Indiana Cold Case Homicides Playing Cards

The Indiana Department of Correction, in partnership with the Indiana State Police and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, have released two editions of the “Indiana Cold Case Homicides Playing Cards”. The decks of playing cards each profile 52 unsolved homicides and missing persons cases from around the state. Each playing card features information on an unsolved murder or missing persons case and a photo of the victim.

Members of the public who would like to provide information on the victim of a cold case homicide or missing persons case, or who would like to have a case reviewed for inclusion in a future release of the deck, may contact the Indiana Department of Correction at

If you have information about any case in this deck or a case that does not appear in this deck, please call the Indiana State Police  T.I.P.S. Hotline at 1 (800) 453-4756.

The card decks are being distributed throughout Indiana prisons and to law enforcement authorities, and will be the only decks of cards available for purchase in the state’s 27 prison facilities.The aim of the project is to create an awareness of these unsolved cases in the prison population and encourage offenders to provide information that might help solve the cases.  Officials hope the cards may jar inmate memories or provide a clue that, when combined with other information, might provide the break investigators need to solve a case.


If you have information about any case in this deck or a case that does not appear in this deck, please dial the Indiana State Police T.I.P.S Hotline at 1 (800) 453-4756.

Diamonds                                                  Clubs

Hearts                                                 Spades

**If you would like to provide information on the victim of a cold case homicide, or would like to have the victim of a cold case homicide reviewed for inclusion in a future release of the deck, please contact the Indiana Department of Correction at

Google News Stories about cards Here

Enough is Enough- From Beyond the Grave

Jason Dale Bolton - Brutally Murdered

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I’ve been reading and re-reading this article for over a week, now, trying to make sense of it.  I’ve pored over every piece of information from the case reports to the newspaper articles to the death certificate.  I’ve looked at all of the pictures, including the ones of Jason Dale Bolton’s tortured body lying in the middle of the street after being run over by a car to the ones of him lying, peacefully, in his coffin.  I watched the video.  And, after all of this, I came away 1.) heartbroken; but, 2.) angry.  Angry that people could be so cold, so cruel as to do this to another human being.  Angry that the Fayette County (Indiana) authorities chose to sweep this under the carpet.  See, Jason was brutally murdered, but they wrote it off as a bad car accident.

The story of Jason Dale Bolton dates back to August of 1991.  He was 16 at the time.  Life hadn’t even really begun for him.  From what I’ve been able to glean from the information provided, Jason got mixed up with the wrong crowd.  On that fateful night in 1991, he was at a friend and neighbor’s house.  They were partying.  The toxicology report shows alcohol (blood/alcohol level 0.11) and Xanax.  So, they were partying pretty heavily.  That, however, doesn’t explain the chain of events that followed.

Jason was castrated.  His mutilated body lie in the middle of a rural road as he bled profusely.  Passed out from the horrific pain, his attackers thought he lied there dead.  In an effort to at least attempt to cover up their brutal crime, they opted to stage it as an accident.  Already lying spread eagle in the middle of the road, on the verge of bleeding to death, they opened his legs even more.  They then took their car and carefully ran over him, crotch first, as people watched.  People watched!!  If he wasn’t already dead, the weight of the car crush the life out of him.  That’s an amazing level of violence.  If there’s a silver lining for Jason, it was that the body is designed to shut down if its enduring severe trauma.  He didn’t feel the weight of a vehicle crush his 16-year-old torso and skull.  He did, however sadly, have to endure the unimaginable pain from the castration.  And, for that incredibly inhumane action, no one has had to pay.  The Fayette County authorities bought the “accident” story, castration and all.

For 20 1/2 years now, Jason’s family has had to not only live with the pain of having lost their beloved 16-year-old son and brother, they’ve also had to endure the horror of knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that he was brutally murdered, by people he knew and grew up with, yet no one was charged.  No one.  “It was an accident.”  The police didn’t investigate it further.  Worse, there are people who witnessed this heinous act who never came forward, people who lived right there where the Boltons lived.  Unfathomable.

So, here we are:  more than 20 years later.  Still, no justice for Jason.  Or, his family.  And, you’re asking “why write about this now?”  Here’s why.  Jason Dale Bolton deserves justice.  It’s as simple as that.  His family needs closure.  A whole generation has entered this world and are now college-age since the time Jason was killed.  Yet, it goes unsolved today.  Not only that, but the Fayette County police say they don’t have the resources available to re-open the case.  If this were a family member of mine, I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs every single day until they were compelled to re-open and re-examine the evidence in the case.  Handled properly, they’d stop at the castration and know that foul play was very definitely at hand.  Therefore, the mission here is to spread the word, and spread it to every corner of the planet.  The more people who know of this atrocity, the better the chances are of compelling Fayette County to re-open the case and find for justice Jason.

If this story angers or moves you in any way, share it.  And, keep sharing it until there is justice for Jason Dale Bolton.

Tortured and Murdered with no Justification; Jason Dale Bolton

January 29, 2012

Jason Dale Bolton was only 16 years old when four assailants brutally tortured and murdered him in front of a group of witnesses that, because of the ‘bystander effect’ and diffusion of responsibility, neither helped nor testified against the men responsible.

To this day, Bolton’s assailants walk free without serving a day in jail for his murder. Perhaps even more gruesome than the fact that an innocent kid was killed are the details of his attack. While at a party, Jason Bolton was assaulted by four men who then proceeded to castrate him in front of a crowd of people who were likely too afraid to speak out. While being castrated and restrained, Bolton’s loss of blood caused him to pass out, leaving many to believe that he had already died, but that was not the case.

While still alive, though passed out, Bolton’s assailants proceeded to cover up their gruesome assault by running over Bolton’s body and thus ending his life at the young age of 16. Police arrived and took statements from multiple witnesses, including the four assailants responsible for Bolton’s death. Despite the coroner’s report suggesting that Bolton’s death was more foul than just a hit-and-run, police believed the four men responsible when they stated Bolton was lying in the middle of the street, drunk.

Family members believe that one of the four assailants responsible was a family member of a police officer. But whether that’s true or not, it still remains that the police did not do all that they could have done to solve Bolton’s murder.

Instead, the case went cold for 21 years, and is still unsolved as you are reading this. But to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again and that Jason Bolton’s killers are brought to justice this story needs to not be swept under the rug like it has been for these past two decades. Unlike other cold cases, the murder of Jason Bolton has witnesses who live in a small Indiana town who more than likely recognize and know the names of the killers. So it still isn’t too late for them to be brought to justice.

Please take a few seconds out of your day by visiting the website, Justice for Jason, to learn more about Jason Dale Bolton and how you could potentially help.