A Family Plea For Justice

I am writing to you with all my heart and a broken one at that. My brother Jason Dale Bolton killed on August 21, 1991. He at the time was a 16-year-old boy. In Fayette County Indiana, near the Fayette, Franklin and Rush county lines.

My family, many others, as well as myself believe with all our hearts he was not only murdered, but that parts of his privates were cut off, and his body mutilated in other ways as well. This coroners report shows this ever so clearly. His killers also ran over him as well. They were trying to make it look like an accident to the police.

Sadly, there was not a comprehensive investigation by police. We (the family) did not know that his private parts were cut off or the other things done to him. I only found these things out through the Rights to Information Act just recently. His killers were drug addicts, child molesters, rapist, pedophiles, etc. Most of these people that were involved have been in prison, for such things in the years after Jason’s murder. They were also involved in such things before Jason’s death but got away with them for the most part.

We believe, the police may have been afraid in that this was such a horrifying crime and they took the easy way out. Sorrowfully the police got their information from the people responsible for the crime and cover up. I can understand in some degree law enforcement not wanting to hurt our family further, at the time with the details and not telling us, at that time. Yet, to do a real investigation law enforcement should have been up front with the family. Foul play, had to be suspected in his death at that time. We believed so, not even knowing the facts until years later. However, what we cannot understand is when we have tried to talk with law enforcement, after Jason’s funeral and share what we know, we are disregarded. Based on the lies told at that time, they ruled it an accident. Jason my brother was killed, at the age of 16 years in a most horrific way.

The very people doing the cover up were the ones, which the police got their information. They lied to the police and the police based their conclusions on these untruths. They made a critical mistake by not talking with our family and not sharing information, about Jason’s death, with the family.

My family has tried to get this case investigated for years only to be told that it is not important enough for them (law enforcement) to spend their time and money on. We have suffered thousands of times over. Jason’s death is now on the back burner and left there. I am now told there are no funds or manpower to work Jason’s case. The facts of the case warrant a thorough investigation, just as if he were today. The same efforts should warrant now, that the family is privy to how this was botched up, at that time.

I with the help of others am trying to get Americans Most Wanted, FBI and others involved, hopefully with some success albeit this is a slow process.

I am begging you for your help. Please put an end to our suffering for justice. My brother was with the wrong crowd; these were our neighbors, the people we grew up with all of our life. I only want the truth found. He was murdered and we his loved ones need to have these people brought to justice, as does society. Jason is a human being and he needs to have his killers held accountable also. We need the truth so we can at least have some closer.

His killers, because of being let go have lived lives of the most hideous of crimes. They should be taken out of society that time. Please do not allow them to continue their ways. My family has suffered all these years instead of them. They have made a mockery of our justice system. I ask again for your help in this matter. Please, help us find justice so we can find some peace and healing.

I have documentation to support my beliefs which I long to share if you will find it in your heart to investigate. I pray that you will put me in touch with the right people; I have so much to share. I need someone with an open mind, heart, compassion and empathy. I want to work with law enforcement. My desire is for the truth to come out. I have no problem forgiving law enforcement for their mistakes. That is not what this is about, as we made our mistakes in Jason’s life as well. Please allow your heart and understanding to open up an honest investigation into Jason’s death. This is all we ask.

Thank you

20 thoughts on “A Family Plea For Justice

  1. God exists and he will be face to face with the ones responsible for this heinous crime 😦 God will give you peace for now so that you may forgive these guys or whomever, for your heart. In order to be forgiven, we must forgive, even to those whom don’t seem to deserve it. That’s not to say, that we can’t be disappointed that they don’t get earthly justice, but we know God’s plans are greater and more just than anything we can want. ….I speak as someone abused at an early age and throughout my life. Sometimes, just praying for them, HIS PEACE will soften your anger and sadness, and allow you to grow in ways that holding onto the pain will stifle your peace, and your life. I pray that the authorities do find the answers so you experience some level of justice, however, should that not happen, May God fill your heart with love, memories, peace and knowledge that brother is in peace, and someday, when the times right, you can be reunited. God bless your family, May he protect you, reveal good plans for your family, and give you the answers you deserve.

    Before becoming saved, I wanted to do horrible things to my abuser, I was only 4, but I clearly remembered every detail that happened. I thought by telling my mom, she would get the cops involved. Unfortunately, she didn’t. He lives in Kentucky (freedom of information) and I struggled to forgive, and some days I’m sad because I don’t understand why he could do that and want to. ….ppl are messed up, the devil owns a lot of them…..

    Don’t let the devil steal your joy. ….he loses in the end. ..

  2. May God give you the strength you need!!! There has got to be someone out there that is reading this that can help this family!!!! Where is out justice system when you really need them? I have nothing but a sick feeling that there is something more to this case then what they want you to know Tomi! You will get your justice!!!

  3. May God give you the strength you need!!! There has got to be someone out there that is reading this that can help this family!!!! Where is out justice system when you really need them? I have nothing but a sick feeling that there is something more to this case then what they want you to know Tomi! You will get your justice!!!

  4. Run over, please how is that accidental? Why do we listen to witness and not take into account what they say might not be true. This is why you investigate. I’m sorry sorry for your family and hope one day Justice is sereved. I too am in the same situation as with many other family members that don’t get the justice they deserve. Keep it out in the public someone will see the story and one day hopefully, someone will talk. My sons story is What Happen to Anthony Fogolini….

  5. I am so sorry,for the grief an pain..you and your family has gone through.i have follwed your story,for a while now an your family needs,closure and some answer’s.it’s sad jason died so young and the things they did to him.i agree,someone,somewhere seen something! or knows the truth.people who do these things,have a serious problem.maybe one day,karma will catch up with them..like everyone said,i would just keep trying to get the fbi,or someone outside ,of where you are to help out.they have not done nothing this long,so that says alot!there will be that one person though,who will step in and try to help..at least i pray.someone out there with the man power,will have the heart to bring jusice..for jason.my heart goes out to you an your family.my friend did the benefit last year,for jason.i hope you get the closure an justice,that needs to be found.

  6. omg! he deserves that much…. so sad that our justice system runs and hides and does not help your family.i will keep you all in our prayers. that some one out their will help you all. God Bless.

  7. I truly am sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine the pain and anger you and your relatives have suffered all of these years. Please do not give up! Anyone who could commit such a horrific crime to an innocent child deserves to suffer. I pray your family will find justice and those who committed this crime are caught and punished.

  8. I came across the justiceforjason site while searching for other info. I am sorry for the loss of your brother. If several people were involved, then it is hard to keep such a secret and is a heavy burden to hide the truth after all these years. Perhaps write to the Indiana governor or attorney general for help. Every best wish to you and your family.

    – Jay
    Tampa Bay, Florida

  9. Such a heartbreaking story. I will share your story on my blog. Don’t give up. Whatever you do, just don’t give up. Someone, somewhere will listen. And, the more this story gets out there, the better your chances are of finding the right connection that can help. I’m sorry your family has had to go through this.

  10. I am soooo sorry for what your family is going through and the way you are being treated!!! I will Share your story! Don’t give up!!! Keep talking until someone listens! Have you tried Nancy Grace, Dr. Phil ??? Anyone who will listen… Do Not give up!!!

  11. We all know the law enforcement in Connersville is corrupted. The only way to get help in Fayette County is to go to outside agencies Sad but true. Try to contact the FBI,Americas most Wanted, do not every give up the truth will be seen.

  12. My brother was killed in 1992,in Richmond,In……He was found in water so he drowned,except their was no water in his lungs.We as a family sent info in and nothing still has been done to any of the kids that were there when he was “killed”.I know how you both feel,everyone that was killed all need justice.R.I.P TO ALL THAT WAS TAKEN BEFORE THEIR TIME!

  13. this is so sad my heart goes out to u all i am sorry for ur loss i hope and pray that u get justice for him and closer for you keep working on this and u shall recieve and for those who did this to ur brother will suffer in the end when they meet there maker god will get them

  14. If I could make a suggestion that may help greatly have you all ever seen dr g medical examiner she’s in florida I would contact her and see if she would be willing to look over the case and report and maybe she will be able to get the case opened as a homicide like it should of been in the first place just a thought my prayers are with you I hope your family and Jason get justice god bless you

  15. Tomi girl i hope that some day u will b able to rest, i know not till this is over. but i pray that someday u will have the answers u r prayen 4. i love u and try an enjoy the holidays.

  16. OMG this is the same response we have received from the law enforcement in my brother’s murder. They too received their information from the people who murdered my brother. Is there no one to turn to for help? I have sent packages of information to the FBI that I gathered by requesting information. TBI have been involved but it seems every where we turn no one wants to thoroughly investigate his murder. It’s as if it is too much a bother. They arrested one of the people responsible but now say they don’t have enough evidence to prosecute.

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