The State of Indiana refused to do a autopsy and still refuse till this day!

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A autopsy was never done on him when he was murdered as required it be done as stated in Indiana law statues at link below.


Indiana Corners Association


5 thoughts on “The State of Indiana refused to do a autopsy and still refuse till this day!

  1. My husband died 46 yrs old they didn’t do a drug text no toxicology report and no areautopsy was done he was in good health but they put he died as a xanax on his death certificate but all his blood work shows no drugs in his system at allI have been calling lawyers for weeks and weeks none of them want to listen to me it does need to go to the news media somebody needs to do something about why aren’t they doing their jobs I would have found out what my husband die from

  2. Why was there no autopsy done on a case where the coroner states suspicion in cause of death?… why didn’t or has it not yet blown up in the media?. I smell more than a few rat’s… those who did and tried to cover it up and those (law officials) who commenced to finish the cover up…. take it to talk shows take it to big time media… someone’s gotta listen or care!!!

    • sherriebrain I agree with you..the coroner, law officials and the kids who did this are all related in some way for them to not treat this like any other case. But no they are all hiding something..yes make it public on tv, radio stations, etc. After all these years why are they still afraid to come forward and tell the truth…this case just breaks my heart to know that there is such douchebags out there that would do this and then not do anything about it…so sad

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