Tortured and Murdered with no Justification; Jason Dale Bolton

January 29, 2012

Jason Dale Bolton was only 16 years old when four assailants brutally tortured and murdered him in front of a group of witnesses that, because of the ‘bystander effect’ and diffusion of responsibility, neither helped nor testified against the men responsible.

To this day, Bolton’s assailants walk free without serving a day in jail for his murder. Perhaps even more gruesome than the fact that an innocent kid was killed are the details of his attack. While at a party, Jason Bolton was assaulted by four men who then proceeded to castrate him in front of a crowd of people who were likely too afraid to speak out. While being castrated and restrained, Bolton’s loss of blood caused him to pass out, leaving many to believe that he had already died, but that was not the case.

While still alive, though passed out, Bolton’s assailants proceeded to cover up their gruesome assault by running over Bolton’s body and thus ending his life at the young age of 16. Police arrived and took statements from multiple witnesses, including the four assailants responsible for Bolton’s death. Despite the coroner’s report suggesting that Bolton’s death was more foul than just a hit-and-run, police believed the four men responsible when they stated Bolton was lying in the middle of the street, drunk.

Family members believe that one of the four assailants responsible was a family member of a police officer. But whether that’s true or not, it still remains that the police did not do all that they could have done to solve Bolton’s murder.

Instead, the case went cold for 21 years, and is still unsolved as you are reading this. But to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again and that Jason Bolton’s killers are brought to justice this story needs to not be swept under the rug like it has been for these past two decades. Unlike other cold cases, the murder of Jason Bolton has witnesses who live in a small Indiana town who more than likely recognize and know the names of the killers. So it still isn’t too late for them to be brought to justice.

Please take a few seconds out of your day by visiting the website, Justice for Jason, to learn more about Jason Dale Bolton and how you could potentially help.


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