The Murder Cover up of Jason Dale Bolton

Jason Dale Bolton


Jason woke up the morning of August 20 1991. He was living with our grandparents Jason was working in the stone query with his Uncle Bud Cousin Jamie and Buds brothers Steve and Henry.

They all also had been putting a roof on a house of a man by the name of Mark O.

Mark O. was Big Tim’s friend and Big Tim is also Tiny Tim’s dad ..There was a party planned for Tiny Tim on this day a welcome home party Jason and his co-workers this day several trips to where Big Tim lived to buy some pot and to see if Tiny was out yet.

Later that evening after work Jason went home and got cleaned up. Jason told his grandparents he loved them Grandpa Luther had been saving money for Jason Jason only asked for 10 dollars but Grandpa Luther only had a 20. Jason told him that he would bring him back the other 10 dollars and then hugged them and said he loved them and he would see them after while because he was planning on working the next day . Jason then left going over the hill to Tiny Tim’s mothers where Tiny Tim was waiting also there where Marty H,. Marty H. was boyfriend to Tiny Tim’s sister whose name is Theresa.

Jason and Jamie had both been dating her and she had just had a baby. Jason & Jamie (Jason’s cousin) had been planning on going to this party together, but they all ended up at Robinson’s Pizza and Bar, along with Brian R, Shawn R.  Jason had been in this bar drinking with boys shooting pull and drinking beer. Jason only 16 years old. After they left the bar they all went to see Theresa’s baby and then on to the party at Big Tim’s.

After getting to the party something went wrong a fight broke out over girls and got out of hand. Jason was hurt bad and no one cared or a fight broke out on the ride home. They had to do something fast so several at the party helped cover this up. They laid Jason in a trunk of a car and took him down the road and staged a accident to cover-up what had just happened, they placed Jason in the road hurt bad and Tiny Tim stayed with him and waited until a car came and run him over. They were all there at this party, but this party was not investigated WHY????? There were plenty of cleaning up time and getting stories straight.

THIS WAS A MURDER COVER-UP of an underage drinking party that was held by adults who were druggers and child molesters.
That was more important then a life click to listen

Jason was murdered August 21, 1991.

The call come in around 3 am. Mike answered the phone It was Jimmy my ex-husband telling him that Jason was dead, knowing Jimmy’s history and the way he said it was horrible Mike handed me the phone and this is what he said “Your brother is dead in the road”.  I said, “what do you mean” the Jimmy repeated his self again and said, Jason is dead in the road” Mike and I just could not believe what he was saying, so I started making calls to the sheriff’s office where I lived and they said that there had been some sort of accident in the next county.

We rushed around getting ready, I called my step-dad and Mike and I went to pick him up all the way praying to God that this was some awful mistake. When we arrived at the hospital we were meet by police that took me to where Jason was lying on a table covered by a sheet. Mike and I were directed to the left side of the table and Gary my step-father to the right. The corner pulled back the sheet so I could see Jason face, Mike by my side, I got so sick and I ran out of the room with Mike right behind me.

Mike and Gary saw more but not all. We asked the police what had happened, and they said that Jason and a friend were lying drunk and had passed out in the road and that the person who’s car hit Jason was living with Jimmy, my ex-husband. We asked where was this friend and who was this friend, they said that it was Tiny Tim who was 21 years old and who had just got out of jail for dealing L.S.D. I know that it didn’t happen this way, I grew up around these people and Tiny Tim would have been afraid of returning to jail and Jason would have never laid in the roadway on his own. I asked again about Tiny Tim where he was? Tiny Tim ran away from Jimmy and Duane and the police didn’t get to question him till the next day, because he ran a way. Why? Jason’s dead body laid in the road over a hour in a half before 911 was called. Why? They all left the scene 3 times, this was when Tiny Tim Ran and hide.

I believe after Jason was beat and cut with a knife he was placed in the roadway by his friends and then was hit by a car driven by Jimmy G. that is when Tiny ran and then Jimmy G went to get another car and run over Jason for the second time and then he got the owner of the second car to claim he was driving in order to protect his self from going back to prison. This gave the others a perfect out, and Jimmy G. didn’t know that Jason’s tactical where laying beside the road away from his body.

What a horrible scene, I can’t imagine what my little brother went through the night he died, the torture that he went through.(it appears to me that these people cut his tactical out and tossed them to the side off the road and then took the car and ran him over to cover up what they had done) Why ? and How?

Would someone let someone die or be killed and not tell what happened. Why? these boys where friends, I grew up around most. and no one talked .
After 15 years this is getting so dangerous for me , I need help, After 13 years I finally see the Coroners inquest. They only investigated the car hitting Jason & that’s even wrong the facts are all wrong.

The people who killed Jason are still getting away with murder and destroying kids lives with drugs METH/CRACK .


One thought on “The Murder Cover up of Jason Dale Bolton

  1. Yea Tomi i seen the pics and also made me cry like i never had cried my ex wife brought me them pics and it is a shame somebody out there knows something and scared to come forward with well its like this they dnt think of it bein there mother brother sister father aunt uncle or jus family Tomi honey jason ur family will always be in my familys hearts and prayers who ever done this to my friend jason deserves the Death pentality Tomi u ur family have always been in my familys lives jus wana say tht Justice will be done for Jason God will bring whoever forward love u all pray for me an my family and ur family will be in mine Love u all ur Friend,Always Billy

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