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Jason was killed on August 21, 1991 after attending a friends party in Fayette County Indiana, near the Fayette, Franklin and Rush county lines (Laurel Indiana)

Alot of people witnessed his death,and got scared, and are even too scared today, to talk about it.

Jason was  tortured.  His assailants decided to castrate him successfully! If just one person would have stepped Jason up to the plate and called for help, even though Jason was bleeding to death from the castration, he might have lived. When Jason passed out from the pain of the castration they all thought he was already dead, but he wasn’t,so they decided they had to get rid of his dead body somehow, so they staged a cover up!

They placed his body in the middle of the road,  then they went and got their own car and  one person steered the driver so that one of the tires would run right in between my legs, they had already had his legs spread eagle, and they slowly run this car in between his legs and over his chest cavity which instantly crushed his chest, and to the right of his head. He went fast and easy after that. But it’s been 20 years now!

They ruled Jason’s death an accidental death and said the car killed him when it run over him. Law Enforcement even took statements from 4 of the people involved in his death back at the party, and they just believe these four people about the car hitting a person laying in the middle of the road!

Investigative Agency
Indiana State Police

Detective Scott Jarvis
9022 South State Rd. 67
Pendleton, IN 46064